What's My Story.....

Hi, my name is Steven Dickerson, just your average guy... Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, Friend, etc...

I've been a Hobbyist / Freelance Photographer for over a decade. My passion for photography allows me to explore creative ways to document significant moments in time.

I recognize that there is something unique when a picture is captured, in that it becomes a lasting memory and that photograph now has an identity that can provide meaning, purpose, a story and most importantly visualization.

What Can You Expect....

I am truly a people person. It's important for me to first get to know my client to determine the best way to meet their needs. I am an advocate for shared decision making when providing a service.  I'm reasonable, flexible, compromisable and most importantly dependable.

To My Clients......

Quality of Life is measured by one's satisfaction, contentment & happiness. I live by this value and I am committed to offering you the same through the Quality of my services








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